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The Tallgrass Shuffles

Sea Sharp

last night the wind said
be careful girl the
moon be watching

said keep your fingers
out the mud keep your tongue
in your head said the moon

is watching you said she’ll pull
you apart like the tide
when your time comes girl

rip out your womb like a second heart
drag it on the asphalt like roadkill
said you smell like roadkill

you taste like shit girl
said be careful the moon be
watching and she gone be mad

she gone tie you to the shed ’cause you
ain’t primp enough for no ribbons girl
you ain’t show girl you ain’t top breed

you ain’t pedigree girl
down girl bad girl sit girl
bangbang dead girl going

going sold just like that girl
the moon be watching so slow
down child said be still girl

said quit that noise
said stop that shine
said shuck that corn

girl she seen you bust the limestones brittle
do the tallgrass shuffles like dance moves
like prairie inferno hopscotch like shoooo

said ooooh girl stop playing
now smooth down your dress
and fold up your tail

and zip shut that grin
and pin back your ears
said the moon be watching you

said be careful said
swoosh and such said
heel girl said stay girl said die girl

This poem was originally published by Storm Cellar.

Issue 4.2 (2015): 3-5.

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