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    SEA SHARP is a Pushcart Prize winner (2017), a Hammer and Tongue poetry slam finalist (Brighton, 2015/16), and a Prairie Seed Poetry Prize winner (2015/16). They are a Kansas State University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Literature and minor degrees in Theatre and also Women’s Studies. Sharp was the first poet featured on the Black Vegans Rock website (launched in 2016). They are passionate about intersectional veganism, black feminism, and other social movements that actively work towards empowering marginalised people, whilst dismantling oppression.


    Sharp is a non-binary, Afro-Native American, a self-proclaimed “refugee of Kansas,” and also a naturalised British citizen who lives in East Sussex with their husband.


    "The Swagger of Dorothy Gale & Other Filthy Ways to Strut" is Sharp's debut collection.


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    What: 451

    Where: Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, UK

    When: Monday 23 October 2017 @ 7:30pm

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    Seaford, East Sussex

    Brighton Festival

    All Saints Church

    The Drive

    Hove, East Sussex

    BN3 3QE


    Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Follow an interactive spoken word trail that explores concepts of empathy and otherness through personal stories. Apples and Snakes has commissioned five poets to each write about an important journey in their lives.

    Trail locations at Brighton Dome. Live performance on:


    Sunday 7 May 2017, 7pm

    Commissioned Poet: Sea Sharp

    Arrow Coffee Co.

    1800 Claflin Rd #170,

    Manhattan, Kansas



    Poetry reading and book launch event of Sea Sharp's

    "The Swagger of Dorothy Gale & Other Filthy Ways to Strut".


    50% of ALL purchases will be donated to the Wonder Workshop Children's Museum.


    Tuesday 29 November 2016



    Slightly Underground

    @ The Brighton Alternative Jazz Fest

    The Old Market

    11A Upper Market St,


    BN3 1AS



    This is an occasional market stall specialising in small press publications of poetry, writings, art, comics or zines made by people in or around Brighton or from local publishing houses. DIY level of production and high levels of slick presentation are sold.


    Fri-Sat, 9-10 Sept 2016



    Limited Edition Poetry Chapbooks - £4

    Fort Process

    Newhaven Fort
    Fort Road
    East Sussex
    BN9 9DS




    Saturday 3 Sept 2016

    12:00 - 22:00



    The Common

    Tunbridge Wells


    TN4 8YU



    Unfest is an annual local music and arts fringe festival for Tunbridge Wells and the SouthEast region. It aims to showcase the town’s independent spirit: its music venue, it’s businesses, its music and art - with three days of free entry to see the best of what is being created and hosted in Tunbridge Wells.


    29 MAY 2016

    Featured Poet

    WordUp Presents:

    Sophia Walker & Sea Sharp


    The Common

    Tunbridge Wells


    TN4 8YU



    Another instalment from Wordup featuring an a NON-male cast. Bring your words if you fancy slamming and save yourself 2 whole pounds. Doors open at 7.30, Mr. Quinn has tunes and loads of words for just a fiver.


    Wednesday 9th March 2016


    Sea Sharp: Featured Local Poet

    Badass VEGAN Women Celebrate:

    International Women's Day


    388 Old St


    EC1V 9LT



    We are celebrating International Women's Day by bringing together awesome vegan women, gender non-binary and non-conforming persons on Tuesday 8th March for an inspiring night filled with talks, music, food, spoken word and short films at Ziferblat in Shoreditch.


    Tuesday 8th March 2016

    Sea Sharp: Vegan Poet


    Hammer & Tongue

    Komedia Brighton

    44 Gardner Street


    BN1 1UN



    Hammer and Tongue Brighton, the most splendiferous gathering of kranks, weirdos, desperate egotists and occasional channelers of genius, who can't help but share the contents of their minds in rhythm, rhyme, rhetoric and mind-expanding imagery.


    Thursday 3rd March 2016


    Sea Sharp: Requested Local Poet

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    Food Empowerment Project seeks to create a more just and sustainable world by encouraging choices that reflect a more compassionate society by spotlighting unfair working conditions for produce workers, the unavailability of healthy foods in communities of color and low-income areas, the abuse of animals on farms, the depletion of natural resources, and the importance of not purchasing items that come from the worst forms of child labor.


    50% of ALL "Swagger" eBook sales on the site will be donated to The Empowerment Project (minimum £5).

    Wonder Workshop

    $119.46 (or £96.50) donated!

    50% of ALL book sales* to Manhattan, Kansas residents will be donated to Wonder Workshop Children's Museum.


    The workshop offers after school activities and interactive exhibits meant to unlock the secrets of science, technology, and delving into the rich traditions of diverse cultures.


    *Excluding ebooks and shipping costs

    The Clock Tower

    £0 donated

    Amount pending donation: £5.00


    50% of ALL sales from "The Skin Under My Wool" will be donated to The Clock Tower Sanctuary.


    The Clock Tower Sanctuary is the only drop-in service providing all-round information, advice and support to homeless young people (aged 16-25) in Brighton & Hove. The centre is open 6 days a week.

  • Sea Sharp's

    Published Poetry Archive

    Want to read a few online samples? Click the links below the publisher names.


    Pushcart Prize XLI: Best of the Small Presses

    Edition 41 (Autumn 2016)

    ***Not Published Online

    Available for Purchase

    POEM: "The Tallgrass Shuffles"

    Barefoot Vegan's "Even in My Dreams


    Issue 1 (Autumn 2016)

    ***Not Published Online

    Available for Purchase


    Profits donated to Barefoot Vegan Farm & Animal Sanctuary.

    POEM: "For White Vegans Who Claim the Flesh of Others"

    Bright Zine

    Issue 1 (September 2016)

    ***Not Published Online

    Available for Purchase

    POEM: "Google Say: For Vegans Too Afraid to Admit #BlackLivesMatter Too"



    Three and a Half Point 9

    POEM: "Bercy, That"



    POEM: "A Love Poem For Miley's Camel Toe"

    Dangerous Women Project

    POEM: "The Biography of Calamity Jane"

    Crab Fat Magazine

    POEM: "An Autobiography in About 30 Lines or Less"

    Whirlwind Magazine

    POEM 1: "Ground"


    POEM 2: "Black.Earth.Ling"


    POEM 3: "The History of Growing Cotton Like the Modern Slave" From the Skin Under My Wool"

    Black Vegans Rock


    Featured Guest Spotlight


    Polychrome Ink

    Volume II.V (December 2015): 44-5.


    ***Not Published Online

    Available for Purchase

    POEM: "The Crackerjack Kid"


    POEM: "A Wild Fight With Chocolate"

    Polychrome Ink

    Volume II (October, 2015)

    ***Not Published Online

    Available for Purchase

    POEM: "Mombi Will Go To Prison Today"

    Sediments Literary-Arts Journal

    POEM: "The Prairie Witch"

    Three and a Half Point 9

    POEM 1: "Sexy Little Altoid"


    POEM 2: "Public Speaking"


    POEM 3: "Obituary for Miles Davis"

    Storm Cellar

    POEM 1: "The Tallgrass Shuffles"


    POEM 2: "Journey of the Midwestern Queen"

    Gone Lawn

    POEM: "Shrinkology"


    +AUDIO: "Shrinkology"

    The Wild Ones

    Issue 1.1 (2015): 5-7.

    ***Not Published Online

    Available for Purchase

    POEM 1: "The Biography of Calamity Jane"


    POEM 2: "The Llama Lady of the Barn Dance"


    POEM 3: "Body Tetris"

    Great American Literary Magazine


    POEM: "Trash and Bones"


    Coe Review


    POEM: "Joansie"

    Medical Literary Messenger


    POEM: "Burning A Hypothetical Helianthus Annuss"

    Three and a Half Point 9



    Blast Furnace


    POEM: "Sunflower Seeds"

    Flyover Country Review


    POEM x3: "Three Poems From 'The Swagger of Dorothy Gale'"


    POEM: "The History of Booby Traps"


    POEM: "When Macbook Agrees to Sleep"

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    & Other Filthy Ways to Strut