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    Sea Sharp: Black Cotton

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    "Sea Sharp tells it without fear or apology but with confidence and control." -Dean Atta


    Sea Sharp writes poems that devastate and inspire. [...] These politically urgent and structurally daring poems are sensitive throughout to the power of sound and silence to make the body tremble. The phrase-making here is also incredibly fresh and distinctive. Here is an important voice. Here is language that crackles." -John McCullough

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    Sea Sharp: Brother Insect at Camden Peoples Theatre

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    "Writer and creator Sea Sharp is both outside and within the play, again challenging the boundaries inherent in our conception of space. They are at once story-teller and story-maker, their scream visibly disrupting the rhythm of Tiwo’s movements and the dialogue between actor and “brother insect” – whose presence is implied by the audience – as well as their own reliving of the past. The ideas behind the play are deliciously allusive, abstract and absurd."

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    Sea Sharp: Supporting Artist for "The Last Poets"

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    Brighton’s Sea Sharp, originally from Kansas, completely inhabits [their] poetry, itself a sort of blues, [their] warm voice wrapping itself around delicious phrases like “prairie inferno hopscotch”.


    Watch the Live Streamed performance here: https://livestream.com/brightondome/LastPoets/videos/174951765

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    Sea Sharp: The Swagger of Dorothy Gale

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    "The poems are, at turns, exuberant, outward, historical, irreverent, revisionist, and playful. They swagger." -Debra Marquart


    "This collection will, quite frankly, ‘Knock your breaths out.’ Behold, a monument of new American poetry.” -Xavier Cavazos


    "All the time, they write with great music, a genius for dialogue and image, sharp critiques and bright wit, and in ways utterly powerful and tender." -Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg


    "Sea Sharp’s buoyant poems kick at the margins and don’t care if the roof comes down." -Elizabeth Dodd


    "This book has it all: heart, imagination, and a good ear for the music we too often forget." -Michael Mlekoday


    "There’s so much to learn about Sharp’s Kansas, when Sea imagistically swaggers and deftly leads us with wit." -Glenis Redmond


    "Swashbuckling language that delights as it informs and overcomes." -Denise Low

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    Down the Yellow Brick Podcast

    BONUS: Oz, Kansas, and Poetry with Special Guest Sea Sharp | Nov 2020

    K-State English Department

    Alumni Spotlight: Sea Sharp

    16 April 2020


    Sea Sharp | February 2020

    Gscene Magazine

    LGBT+ History Month Celebrates Plays, Poems & Prose

    • Photos on magazine cover and pages 5 and 15,
    • Article on page 15

    Pink News

    Love, honesty and kindness: Transgender people share their hopes and dreams for 2020

    BN1 Magazine

    BN1 talks to Brother Insect's Sea Sharp

    Brighton & Hove's LGBT History Month 2020

    The Exponent of Breath

    Means Happy

    Sea Sharp tackles racial equality versus racial sensitivity in Brother Insect

    Radio Reverb

    In Brighton with Melita Dennett



    Note: Skip to 35 minutes, 45 seconds.

    Black Vegans Rock

    Featured Guest: Sea Sharp